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How To Get Cajun Crawfish

Click Here for Great Cajun Crawfish for a Fantastic Crawfish Boil
We also have Fresh Boiled Crawfish, Crawfish Tails & Crawfish Pies

How To Cook Crawfish

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Every year, folks in Southern Louisiana look forward with anticipation to the arrival of Springtime. That's when the Cajun crawfish season gets in full gear, and friends and family get together to enjoy this fantastic Cajun delicacy.

And whether you call them crawfish, crayfish, crawdads or mudbugs. now we can deliver live Cajun Crawfish to your door, so you can enjoy this delicious Louisiana treat in your own backyard!

And here is all the information you need to do your own Crawfish Boil.
The following recipe serves ten people (or two Cajuns)

Equipment Needed:
One Large Boiling Pot, Basket Insert and Lid
Outdoor Propane Cooker
Large Tub or Two Ice Chests

Our Bayou Classic 30 Quart Outdoor Cooker is ideal for boiling crawfish.
It comes with a 30 Quart Pot, vented lid, perforated rack, grab hook, 12" stainless thermometer & you can choose from two popular burners.

It's really popular in these parts for cooking deep fried turkey.
But it's equally at home at a Crawfish Boil.
This versatile unit will cook about 10-15 lbs of crawfish per batch.

If you're cooking 30 lbs, just make a couple of batches. Or pick up a
60 qt Boiling Pot with Strainer Basket and a High Pressure Propane Burner

We also have a great selection of Patio Stoves, Propane Cookers, Larger Cook Pots up to 120 Qt Size, and lots more for your outdoor cooking needs

Click this link to learn more about the Bayou Classic 30Qt Cooker
And click this link to see the rest of our great Bayou Outdoor Cookware

Ingredients Needed:

30 lbs of Live Crawfish (1 sack)
8 Small Onions
8 Small Potatoes
8 Ears of Corn
Fresh Garlic
Fresh Mushrooms
4 Lemons
3 lbs Cajun Seafood Boil
(Comes with your order when you buy our crawfish party pack)
Six Pack of Cold Beer

Click Here to return to the Crawfish category page.

1. If you have not already done so, drink a cold beer.
2. After your beer, you would normally purge the crawfish. This is not necessary since our crawfish come pre-purged. Just rinse out the crawfish with fresh water and boil. If you want, use the time you saved by not purging the crawfish to have another beer.
3. Drink another beer. Give one to a friend.
4. Fill the large pot half full with fresh water, place on outdoor propane cooker, and start the fire. Place the lid on the pot and bring water to a boil.
5. Add about 1/3 lb of Seafood Boil to water. Let the boiling water mix it well for a minute or so.
6. Time to drink another beer. Send sober friend to store for more beer.
7. Drop in the onions (halved), the potatoes and fresh garlic. Let this cook, keeping an eye on the potatoes. (Check for doneness by stabbing with a sharp knife or fork. If it goes in easy, it is cooked. Hint; Do not over cook potatoes, slightly under cook them because they will continue to steam and cook in ice chest. You don't want to end up with mashed potatoes.) When the potatoes are almost done, add the corn and mushrooms. After they have cooked, lower the fire on the burner and remove the basket. Place the vegetables in a small clean ice chest - don't close the lid - just place foil on top. Time to drink another beer.
8. Turn the heat up on the burner. Add more spice to the water. (About 1/2 lbs., save rest of spice for later.) Take the lemons (halved) and squeeze the juice in the water. Then add the lemons to the water. When the water comes to a boil place the crawfish into the basket and put the basket in the pot. (Be careful - it's very hot!) Put the lid on the pot and enjoy another beer.
9. When the water comes back to a boil - keep a very close eye on this part - let it boil for 4 minutes and turn off the fire. Let it soak for another 3 minutes and then remove. Kill the boil by adding cold water or ice, not much is needed maybe a gallon or so. Then let the crawfish soak. They will sink to the bottom and fill with spicy water (JUICES).
10. Get an old table and place old newspapers on top. Dump the basket of crawfish on top of the newspaper and sprinkle with leftover spice.
11. Dump the onions, potatoes, corn and garlic on top of the crawfish. Now it's time to really drink beer and eat. The vegetables are for those guests who cannot figure out how to peel the crawfish. At least they won't starve.

1. To hold hot crawfish for a short time (1-2 hours), you can use a styrofoam ice chest. Most plastic chests will melt or warp.
2. Use leftover spice to experiment. You can always add more to the ice chest. Sprinkle it on, stir it up and let it steam in chest for 10 minutes. Then test again.

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How To Eat Crawfish

1. Order three to five pounds (per person) of fresh boiled crawfish.
2. (Optional) Put on a special bib to protect clothing. (This allows a little more freedom with the crawfish.)
3. Take a deep breath to enjoy the fullness of the aroma.
4. Grab the nearest crawfish off the pile.
5. Hold the crawfish with your left hand and gently twist off the tail.
6. Take the head and suck the hot, spicy juices out of it.
7. Squeeze your thumb and forefinger at the sides of the top of the tail, causing the shell to break.
8. Remove the meat and eat. Go to step 4 and repeat as often as you like.

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Favorite Louisiana Crawfish Recipes and Mixes

Don't worry about ordering a few more crawfish than you can eat in a sitting.
Because we've got some great suggestions for your left-overs

Just peel them and put them in the freezer until you're ready for another treat.
Here's some suggestions with the help of a few popular Cajun mixes from our Cajun Shop website (just click the links for a closer look):

1. First, these critters taste really great cold, or reheated from the freezer.

2. Just click the link and check out how to use those left-over crawfish in our authentic Cajun Seafood Gumbo recipe

3. If you don't have time to start from scratch, we suggest that you check out Mam Papaul's Gumbo with Roux Mix
It an outstanding mix, and easy directions are on the box

4. And finally, we round out our list with an old Louisiana favorite.
No list of Cajun crawfish dishes is complete without Crawfish Etouffee
And Zatarain's Etouffee Mix is a common resident in Louisiana kitchens.

We plan to add to our list in coming weeks & hope you enjoyed these ideas

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How to Handle Live Crawfish

Live crawfish will arrive in an insulated box with special gel ice packs that supply the refrigeration for shipping. Chances are these will be exhausted by the time you receive your crawfish. Therefore, you must refrigerate them (the crawfish) as soon as possible. If you don't have access to a refrigerator large enough to hold the shipment, you can use regular bagged ice and ice chests.

Simply open the box that they arrived in and remove the mesh bag of live crawfish. You can discard the gel packs but retain the burlap cloth that covers the mesh bag. Check to make sure they are alive. (They should be moving, unless they are really cold and then they might be in a sleepy state).

Hose the crawfish sack down to ensure the crawfish are moist. Now place the mesh bag containing the crawfish into an ice chest. Cover them again with the burlap cloth. Open the drain plug and position the chest so excess water will drain. Outdoors in a cool place is preferable. Crawfish should not be stored in standing water. Punch some holes in the plastic ice bag. This will allow the melting ice to drip onto the crawfish. Place bagged ice on top of live crawfish. One 8# bag should be enough to hold small orders (10-15#) overnight. Use two bags for each 30# order.

If you do not have an ice chest you may use the shipping boxes they arrived in. Drain any excess water that may be in the bottom of box. Make some drain holes in the bottom corners of box so any other accumulating water can drain. Follow the same instructions for the ice as above.

This should allow you to store your live crawfish overnight. However we still recommend that you use crawfish the same day you receive when possible.

The Louisiana Crawfish Season

Remember that Louisiana Crawfish is a seasonal product, not a legal season, but one defined by Mother Nature. Crawfish generally become available as early as mid-November through as late as mid-August. The height of the season is March through June.

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