Manuscript Vellum Document 1722
Wax Seal with Culcheth Signature

Manuscript Vellum Document  1722<br>Wax Seal with Culcheth Signature
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Large 24"x19" manuscript British document neatly written in old style English script on vellum "in the Ninth Year of our Sovereign Lord George" (King George I).
Dated Fourteenth Day of November 1722.

Indenture between Thomas Culcheth Jr and Joseph Lowell Esq

Red Wax Seal at bottom with Thomas Culcheth's signature.
British Tax Stamp on Reverse, along with a considerable amount of handwritten notes and signatures. Reverse is moderately toned

Close-up of top left of document:

Close-up of the wax seal:

The Wikipedia page for "Culcheth and Glazebury" describes Gilbert de Culcheth, lord of the Manor of Culcheth, and his heirs including Thomas Culcheth, the last of the line.

A clean, attractive, neatly written indenture approaching 300 years old.
Would frame nicely.