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Name Image Price  
Zulu King Cake
MGZ $79.00
Zatarains Spicy Creole Mustard, 5.25oz ZCM1 $3.49
Zatarains Shrimp Creole Base ZSCM $3.99
Zatarains New Orleans Red Beans & Rice ZRBM $3.99
Zatarains New Orleans Jambalaya Mix ZJM1 $3.99
Zatarains New Orleans Dinner Mixes ZDM $3.99
Zatarains Etouffee Base ZETM $3.99
Zatarains Dinner Mixes By the Case
- 16% Savings
ZDMW $39.00
Zatarains Cajun Gumbo Base ZGM1 $3.99
Zapps Potato Chips - Regular Flavor 6 Pack ZN6 $8.99
Zapps Potato Chips - Crawtators 6 Pack ZC6 $8.99
Zapps Cajun Chips Favorites Six Packs ZSP $8.99
Zapps Cajun Potato Chips ZPCC $1.79
Spiral Sliced Honey Ham. Bone-In
(Free Overnight Shipping)
WHBP $119.00
Who Dat N'Orleans Shopping Bag HSB $69.95
Two Great Louisiana Cookbooks CKBK3 $16.95
Turducken Roll
(Free Overnight Shipping)
TDR $99.00
Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning 8oz TCP $5.99
Tony Chachere's 'Creole Cooking' Cookbook CKBKT2 $4.99
"Toe Tappin' Critters" Cajun Tee Shirts NOTS15 $9.99
The Cajun Gift Box LFFG $29.95
Ten Creole Tomato Trays for Gift Basket Makers CTTB $14.99
Swamp Fire Seafood Boil
4.5lb Sak Paks by the Case
- 36% Savings
SFW $69.95
Swamp Fire Seafood Boil
New Size Choices!
SFSB $3.99
Support Global Warming Hot Sauce SGW $6.99
Steamboat for Gift Basket Makers STBB $14.99
State of Louisiana Gift Basket LGB $49.00
Stainless Steel 1114 Outdoor Patio Stove 1114 $99.00
Square Tray for Gift Basket Makers SMTB $5.49
Springy Crawfish Magnet Ornament PCS $3.99
Speaking Louisiana - A Cajun Dictionary SLCD $6.99
SP40 High Pressure Double Jet Cooker SP40 $109.00
SP2 Double Jet Cooker with Hose Guard SP2 $59.00
SP1 Outdoor Jet Cooker with Hose Guard SP1 $40.00
Slap Ya Mama Seafood Boil, 1lb Bag SYSB $5.99
Set of Two Honorary Cajun Mugs HCM $12.00
Set of 4 Tabasco Gumbo Bowls in a Nice Gift Box TGB $59.00
Set of 4 Coffee Mugs
with Antique Tabasco Designs
TCM2 $39.95
Send a Gift Message? GC $0.00
Select a Free Gift with your
$30 UPS Ground Order
FG30 $0.00
Secretary's Day Basket SDB $29.00
Cajun King BBQ Shrimp, Blackened Seafood & Jambalaya Seasoning Mixes CKPM $3.99
Seasoned Red Beans & Rice
New 3 Bag Combination!
RBR $24.95
Cajun Smoked Turkey
(Free Overnight Shipping)
ST $129.00
Louisiana Dips from Cookin' Cajun CSD $4.99
Round Wooden Serving Tray 12" Diameter RDTX $6.99
Round Tray for Gift Basket Makers RDTB $6.99
Remoulade Sauce from Arnaud's New Orleans Restaurant RSA $12.95
Rectangular Wooden Serving Tray 16"x12"x2" LGTX $11.99
Creole Delicacies Praline Topping Sauce, 10oz PTR $6.99
Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya - and Free Extra Sausage!
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CJ $119.00
Cajun Pirogues for Gift Basket Makers SMPB $7.99
Pig Stand Cajun BBQ Sauce PSS $4.99
Pecan Praline King Cake
MGP $79.00
Pat O'Brien's Hurricane Drink Mix 9oz POB1 $6.99
Case of 12 Pat O'Brien's 9oz Hurricane Mixes
- 32% Savings
POBW $54.00
Mardi Gras Party Basket MGF2 $59.00
Our Ten 'Best of the Best' Cajun Condiments
BCC $49.90
Our Louisiana Christmas Toy Bear TB $1.99
Our Crawfish & Gator T-Shirt [OUT OF STOCK] NOTS11 $4.99
Original Injector for Cajun Injector Marinades ICM $3.99
New Orleans
Steamboat Banquet
STB $105.00
Boscoli New Orleans Muffuletta Olive Salad NOMOS $9.99
New Orleans Cooking in the Big Easy CKBK1 $8.95
Mardi Gras King Cake: Traditional
MGKC1 $74.00
Mardi Gras King Cake: Filled
MGKC2 $79.00
Mardi Gras King Cake Mix with Praline Filling KCM $9.95
Mardi Gras Dip for Chips MGDIP $4.99
Premium Quality Mardi Gras Beads by the Gross
- 33% Savings
MGBG $27.90
Mam Papaul's Gumbo with Roux Mix MPG1 $5.99
Mam Papaul's Gumbo Mixes
By the Case
MPGW $29.99
Let us Make your Unique Gift Packed in a Crawfish Sack CGC $5.99
Louisiana Tee Shirts with Magnolia Design Size S NOTS16 $9.99
Louisiana Gold Hot Pepper Sauce LGPS $5.49
Louisiana Cookin' Magazine Subscription LC $25.00
Louisiana Condiment Collection
Nine Great Products [OUT]
CCC $84.95
Louisiana Camellia Red Beans CRB $3.69
Louisiana Cajun Fish Fry Mixes LFM $2.99
Louisiana Barbequed Shrimp Sauce Mix BBQS $3.99
Louisiana Alligator Tail Meat 5lb
(Free Overnight Shipping)
AF $119.95
Large Tray for Gift Basket Makers LGTB $9.99
Louisiana Deep Fried Turkey Dinner
(Free Overnight Shipping)
FTF $229.00
Cajun Roux KR $4.99
KAB6 Outdoor Gas Cooker KAB6 $129.00
Hurricane Seafood Dip for Chips HSDIP $4.99
Hot 'N Spicy Butter Marinade CIHSB $5.95
Honorary Cajun Gift Pack
Tee Shirt, Apron, Mug & Certificate
HCG $34.99
Hongry Hawg Cajun Hot Sauces HHHS $6.99
2 Stuffed Chickens, 2 Sides & Crawfish Pie
Dinner for 4 (Free Overnight Shipping)
CCD1 $169.00
Gumbo Gift Box CTT $29.99
Gourmet Coffee & Pralines Tray CCP $89.99
French Market Coffees in Traditional Cans FMC3 $9.99
For Cajun Snack Attacks CST $49.95
Flavors of New Orleans Gift Basket FONO $65.00
Four Chicken Cajun Feast
(Free Overnight Shipping)
FCE $155.00
DB375 Double Burner Outdoor Patio Stove DB375 $125.00
Creole Surprise Gift Basket SMT $34.95
Creole Rose Rice in Favorite Gift Boxes CRBX $59.95
Creole Rose Rice in a 50lb Bale
- 49% Savings
CRBW $89.99
Creole Rose Natural Aromatic Popcorn Rice CRAR $7.99
Cajun Injector Creole Garlic Marinade
CICG $5.95
New Orleans Coffee & Snacks in a Cajun Pirogue SSB $39.95
Cajun Injector Creole Butter Marinade CICR $5.95
Create Your Own Gift for Dad
Click for Instructions
MYO2 $9.99
Create Your Own Cajun Gift Basket
Click Here for Instructions
MYO1 $9.99
Crawfish, Shrimp & Crab Boil, 16oz
CCSB1 $3.29
Crawfish Crab & Shrimp Liquid Boil
CCSB2 $3.59
Cornbread & Wild Rice Pecan Dressings CDR $69.00
Crawfish Spice Pot Burner & More
CRC $359.00
Comeaux's Sausages & Boudins - New Choices
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CBS $129.95
Comeaux Alligator Boudin & Sausage
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CBSA $139.00
Claw Oven Mitt
COM2 $5.99
Claude the Crawfish (50 Minimum)
- 29% Savings
PCW $69.00
Claude the Crawfish PC $1.95
Tony Chachere's Praline Honey Ham
Injectable Marinade
TCIM $7.95
Char-Grill Blackened Seasoning CGBS $3.99
CD Album: Mardi Gras Party!
CDMGP $12.99
Cast Iron Dutch Ovens CDO $25.00
Case of 50 4oz Tabasco Red Hot Candies
TRHW $119.00
Case of 40 2oz New Orleans Coffee Packs
FMCW $79.00
Case of 24 Louisiana Seasoning Mixes
- 25% Savings
CKW $69.00
Cajun TurPORKen
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CTP $169.00
Louisiana Turducken 15lb
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CTD $139.00
Louisiana Turducken 10lb
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CTDS $124.00
Cajun Tee Shirts with Crawfish Design NOTS13 $9.99
Cajun Swamp Pirogue Basket SMP $59.00
Cajun Injector Cajun Shake Seasoning CSS $3.99
Ragin Cajun Seasoned Red Beans Mix SSRB $7.99
Cajun King Jambalaya Mix CKJM $3.99
Cajun Injector Zesty Marinades CICB $5.95
Cajun Flip N Fry Breader CFNF $14.95
Louisiana Deep Fried Turkey
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CFT $149.00
Cajun Country Cooking Cookbook CKBK2 $8.95
Cajun Cook's Apron - Honorary Cajun! APHCB $14.00
Cajun Cook's Apron - Bon Temps Rouler! APLW $14.00
Cajun Cook's Apron - Authentic Cajun!
APACB $14.00
Cajun Chef Hot Sauces
Case of 24 Bottles
- 35% Savings
CCW $39.98
Cajun Chef Hot Sauce CCHS3 $2.49
Cajun Chef Green Hot Sauce, 3oz CCGS3 $2.99
Cajun Brown Gravy Mix BGM $2.99
Cajun 'Hotter Than Hot' Gift Bag [OUT] HTH $69.00
Cafe du Monde Coffee & Beignets CDM1 $9.99
Cafe du Monde Coffee Mug CMM $6.95
Cafe du Monde Coffee & Beignets Basket TCM $49.95
Cafe Du Monde Beignet Mix CDMB $5.99
Bruce's Sweet Potato Pie Filling SPP $3.49
Bruce's Bread Pudding Mix by Chef Williams
CIBP $6.99
Boscoli Spicy Pickled Beans BSPB $8.99
Boscoli Olive Salad by the Case
- 15% Savings
NOMW $49.00
Boneless Turtle Meat 5lb
(Free Overnight Shipping)
BTM $139.95
4 Packs of 8 Louisiana Pistolettes
(Free Overnight Shipping)
BP $129.00
Bayou Passion Louisiana Hot Sauce 5oz BPHS $6.99
Stainless Bayou Fryer 2.5 gallon
Model 700-725
700-725 $289.00
Bayou Classic SQ14 Outdoor Patio Stove SQ14 $59.00
Bayou Classic SP10 High Pressure Outdoor Gas Cooker SP10 $59.00
Bayou Classic KAB4 30psi Banjo Cooker KAB4 $99.00
Bayou Classic Deep Fryers DF10 $19.99
Bayou Classic B300 Turkey Fryer Basket B300 $29.00
Bayou Classic 3 Qt. Cast Iron Covered Skillet 7440 7440 $25.00
Bayou Classic 3 Piece Cast Iron Skillet Set 7403 7403 $24.00
Bayou Blow Torch Hot Sauce 5oz HHBT $6.99
Louisiana Side Dishes & Dressings
(Free Overnight Shipping)
LSD $120.00
Authentic Cajun Certificate ACC $6.99
Aunt Sally's Creamy Pralines Gift Boxes ASP $15.99
Alligator Bayou Spicy BBQ Sauce ABS $7.99
Add a Free Gift to
Any Ground Shipment Order
SAG $0.00
A Hundred Mardi Gras Doubloons
- 19% Savings
MGDG $19.00
A Free Cajun Recipe Pamphlet with Any Purchased Order
FRP $0.00
A Dozen Springy Crawfish Magnet Ornaments
- 10% Savings
PCSW $42.99
A Dozen Creole Rose Rice 2lb Bags
- 27% Savings
CRW $69.95
A Dozen 4oz Slap Ya Mama Seasoning Canisters
- 27% Savings
SYMS $34.99
A Dozen Diamond Cut Mardi Gras Beads MGB $2.49
One Dozen Tabasco Hot Pepper Sauce Miniatures TM $11.99
Four Dozen Tabasco Hot Pepper Sauce Miniatures
- 23% Savings
TMW $36.99
90lb Live Crawfish & Spices
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CR90 $579.00
90lb Live Bulk Crawfish
CR90BK $413.00
90lb Boiled Louisiana Crawfish
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CR90B $599.00
80 & 100 Qt. Large Stock Pots SP80 $139.00
70lb Live Crawfish & Spices
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CR70 $459.00
60lb Live Crawfish & Spices
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CR60 $389.00
60lb Boiled Louisiana Crawfish
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CR60B $419.00
5lb Peeled 50-60Ct Gulf Shrimp
(Free Overnight Shipping)
PS5S $115.00
5lb Peeled 40-50Ct Gulf Shrimp
(Free Overnight Shipping)
PS5M $120.00
5lb Peeled 36-40Ct Gulf Shrimp
(Free Overnight Shipping)
PS5L $125.00
5lb Huge 16-20Ct Headless Shrimp
(Free Overnight Shipping)
GS05 $160.00
5lb GIANT HeadOn Gulf Shrimp 9-12 Ct
(Free Overnight Shipping)
FS05HO $124.95
5lb GIANT HeadOn Gulf Shrimp 16-20Ct
(Free Overnight Shipping)
LS05HO $116.95
5lb GIANT HeadOn Gulf Shrimp 12-15Ct
(Free Overnight Shipping)
JS05HO $120.95
50 Aunt Sally's New Orleans Pralinettes
- 25% Savings
NOP $69.00
5 lbs. Louisiana Crawfish Tails
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CRT $139.00
6 Boneless Stuffed Pork Chops
(Free Overnight Shipping)
SPC $119.00
5 1lb Packs Hog Head Cheese
(Free Overnight Shipping)
HHC $79.00
48 Individually Boxed Creole Pralines
- 22% Savings
ASB2 $99.95
42 & 60 Qt. Steam-Boil-Fry Stock Pots SP42 $75.00
40lb Live Crawfish & Spices
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CR40 $269.00
40lb Boiled Louisiana Crawfish
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CR40B $299.00
40 Natchitoches Meat Pies
(Free Overnight Shipping)
NMP $129.00
30 Small Boudin Party Links. 5lb
- 12% Savings
PBPL $89.00
5 Stuffed Pork Tenderloins
(Free Overnight Shipping)
SPT $139.00
32qt. Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer & Seafood Boiler 1118 $99.00
30lb Live Crawfish & Spices
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CR30 $199.00
30lb Boiled Louisiana Crawfish
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CR30B $229.00
30 Qt Turkey Fryer/ Seafood Boiler 3025 $49.00
30 Natchitoches Crawfish Pies
(Free Overnight Shipping)
NCP $149.00
3 Aunt Sally's Individual Creamy Pralines ASP1 $7.99
150 Boudin Bites
(Free Overnight Shipping)
BBB $119.00
24 Zapps Louisiana 1.5oz Chips by the Case
- 23% Savings
ZCC $32.95
24 Individually Boxed Creole Pralines
- 14% Savings
ASB1 $54.99
24 Aunt Sally's Original Creamy Pralines ASP2 $49.00
24 & 34 Qt. Steam-Boil-Fry Stock Pots 4024 $49.00
20lb Live Crawfish & Spices
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CR20 $159.00
20lb Boiled Louisiana Crawfish
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CR20B $169.00
2.75 gal Cast Iron Jambalaya Pot 7419 7419 $90.00
3 Qts. Genuine Seafood Gumbo
(Free Overnight Shipping)
SGL $139.00
3 Qts Tasty Chicken & Sausage Gumbo
(Free Overnight Shipping)
PGC $139.00
3 Qts Shrimp Etouffee
(Free Overnight Shipping)
SE $139.00
3 Qts Crawfish Etouffee
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CE $139.00
2 Cajun Stuffed Chickens
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CCS $99.00
160 Natchitoches Mini Meat Pies
(Free Overnight Shipping)
NMPM $149.00
15lb Turducken Dinner Feast
(Free Overnight Shipping)
TGP $239.00
15lb Live Crawfish & Spices
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CR15 $129.00
15lb Boiled Louisiana Crawfish
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CR15B $129.00
12 Steens Cane Syrup 2oz Mini Bottles
- 12% Savings
SCM $59.00
10lb Live Crawfish & Spices
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CR10 $99.00
10lb Jumbo 16-20 Headless Shrimp
(Free Overnight Shipping)
GS10 $299.00
10lb Boiled Louisiana Crawfish
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CR10B $109.00
100 Individually Boxed Creole Pralines
- 25% Savings
ASB3 $199.00
Boneless Honey Glazed Ham
(Free Overnight Shipping)
HHBP $99.00
'State of Louisiana' Tray for Gift Basket Makers LATB $7.99
'Honorary Cajun' Tee Shirts NOTS12 $9.99
'Boil-in-Bag' Shrimp, Crawfish & Crab Boil
RCBM $2.99
'Authentic Cajun' Tee Shirts NOTS14 $9.99
$75 Gift Certificate GC075 $75.00
$50 Gift Certificate GC050 $50.00
$25 Gift Certificate GC025 $25.00
$200 Gift Certificate GC200 $200.00
$150 Gift Certificate GC150 $150.00
$100 Gift Certificate GC100 $100.00
Who Dat Louisiana Tote Bag LTB $9.99
Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasonings SYM $4.99
La Premium Blue Crab Claw Meat, 5lb
LBCC $124.95
Louisiana Christmas Holiday Ornament
LCO $7.99
Select a Free Gift with your
$50 UPS Ground Order
FG50 $0.00
10 lbs. Louisiana Crawfish Tails
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CRT2 $249.00
Bayou Seafood Combination
ATI $99.00
Stainless Steel 8 Gallon (32 Qt) Brew Kettle 800-432 $189.00
5lb Huge 10-15Ct Headless Shrimp
(Free Overnight Shipping)
MS05 $175.00
10lb Huge 10-15Ct Headless Shrimp
MS10 $339.00
DRAGO'S Charbroiled Oyster Kit
DCO $84.00
5lb Live Crawfish & Spices
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CR05 $79.00
5lb Boiled Louisiana Crawfish
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CR05B $89.00
5lb Breaded Crawfish Tails
(Free Overnight Shipping)
BCT $159.00
Breaded Alligator Nuggets 6lb
(Free Overnight Shipping)
BAN $119.95
10 Large 9oz Crawfish & Shrimp Pies
(Free Overnight Shipping)
BCSP $129.00
Wild Paddlefish Caviar 1oz
Free Overnight Shipping
WPC $79.00
Three 8 inch Muffuletta Sandwiches
NOMS $109.00
Live Lobsters for Four
(Free Overnight Shipping)
LML $139.00
Texas Baby Back Ribs 4lb
(Free 2nd Day Shipping)
BBR $109.00
Bens Kosher Deli Sandwich Kit
(Free Overnight Shipping)
DSK $109.00
Selection of Six Community Coffee 3.0 oz Packs
COM $12.99
Lobster Clambake for Two
Free Overnight Shipping
LCB $179.90
Big Easy Foods Boudin Balls, 6lb
(Free Overnight Shipping)
BFB $94.00
Seasoned Beer Batter Fish Fry Mix
BBM $3.99
Magic Swamp Dust Cajun Seasoning
MSD $4.99
Blue Bayou Pepper Sauce New! BBHS $6.99
Case of Six Cajun Injector Louisiana Marinades
- 33% Savings
CIW $26.99
Case of 6 Bruces's Bread Pudding Mix
CIBW $29.99
Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seafood Boil, 4lb
SYW $9.99
3 Mam Papaul's Velvet Cake Mixes
RVCW $24.99
Set of 3 'Honorary Cajun' Tee Shirts
- 50% Savings
NOTS12W $24.00
Set of 3 'Music Critters' Cajun Tee Shirts
- 50% Savings
NOTS15W $24.00
1 Dozen Jumbo Whole Steamed Louisiana Blue Crabs
(Free Overnight Shipping}
SBC $129.00
Shucked Louisiana Oysters, One Gallon
(Free Overnight Shipping)
SLO $149.50
Mam Papaul's Praline Mix
MPPM $9.99
Boxed McIlhenny Tabasco Pepper Sauce 2oz TPS $5.99
Louisiana Chef's Hat Crawfish Design & 'Pinch Me'
CH $19.00
Louisiana Favorite
Cake Mixes in a Pirogue
LMM $59.00
WestHost Test   $0.01
SurCharge for 15lb Crawfish to HI   $15.00
Zatarains Spicy Creole Mustard, 12.0oz ZCM2 $5.99
Basket of Pralines, Coffee & Cafe duMonde Mug [OUT] CPM $44.00
5lb Huge 9-12Ct Headless Shrimp
(Free Overnight Shipping)
XS05 $189.00
5lb Huge 21-25Ct Headless Shrimp
(Free Overnight Shipping)
RS05 $145.00
3 Dozen 2oz Mini Crawfish Pies
(Free Overnight Shipping)
BCMP $135.00
2 Doz Jumbo LIVE Blue Crabs
(Free Overnight Shipping)
LBC $195.00
Praline of the Month Club
(Free Ground Shipping)
POM $219.90
42 Qt Turkey Fryer/ Seafood Boiler 4225 $99.00
Louisiana Wild, Hot & Spicy! [OUT OF STOCK] WHS $39.00
25 Zapps 1.5oz Potato Chips Variety Pack [OUT] ZVP $39.00
Mam Papaul's Bread Pudding Mix
With Rum Sauce
MPBP $8.99
2 Colorful Mardi Gras Hurricane Glasses MGHG $5.99
Bayou Classic Coolers BC25-50-70 $199.00
Bayou Classic 2.5 gallon Beverage Ice Bucket New! 4825 $39.00
Bayou Classic 24 inch Raw Steel Outdoor Fire Pit with Side Cutouts New! 900-524 $295.00
Bayou Double Jet Crawfish Cooker with 100 Qt. Basket
New! Free Shipping
300-100 $899.00
24 lbs. Louisiana Crawfish Tails
(Free Overnight Shipping)
CRT3 $499.00
12 Community Coffee 4 Cup Packs
CC4 $30.00
Cajun Cook's Apron - Bon Temps Rouler! White
APLW2 $14.00
5lb Peeled 16-20Ct Gulf Shrimp
(Free Overnight Shipping)
PSSX $149.00
Cajun Smoked Turkey Dinner
(Free Overnight Shipping)
STD $199.00